"For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

After becoming a member of Lifestream Christian Reformed Church, you are able to and encouraged to serve in any of the following ministries. Read through each ministry to find out how you can offer your spiritual gift to serve the church, and more importantly, serve God. If interested, contact the leader of the ministry to find out more information. Thank you for your heart to serve! 



Administration team is in charge of handling all administration duties, from booking retreat sites to financially and logistically planning the year out for the English Ministry. This ministry works year round to plan out budgets for all ministries and plans all upcoming events. They make almost everything possible! 

Joshua Koo


Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread ministry is a new team that will work on kindling the unity and intimacy of our community. Generally, they will come together to create simple finger foods to offer the congregation after Sunday services. They hope to create a immediate location for fellowship right after the service. Team members should expect to help collect donations and cook the food. With your help, we break bread together as a family. 

Alice Jang



Design team serves to convert the church's visions into a virtual, visual reality. Team members are expected to be artistically creative. Since most of their work is graphic design, they will often use Adobe workshop applications to make their ideas come to life. This, however, is not a necessity to join. They are also responsible for maintaining the church's website. If you consider yourself an artist, join the team! 

             Jane Jang


Lifestream Kids

Lifestream Kids is the elementary department of our church. Children would be elementary students who would be taken care of by staff as they cultivate a proper lifestyle starting from a young age. As they learn about the fundamentals of the gospel, staff is expected to interact with kids to excite them and encourage the acceptance of the gospel.


Lifestream Youth

Lifestream Christian Reformed Church's Youth Group is the ministry that teaches and uplifts disciples throughout middle school and high school. To serve in this ministry would mean to not only keep the students accountable as you do life together as a staff member, but you would also set yourself as a humble yet faithful role model to guide them through one of the most confusing times of adolescent life.

Pastor Joshua Mun



The Media ministry regulates all technical responsibilities. They work hand in hand with Praise team and the photographers. They work with the sound board system in the main chapel for all sound related issues, prepare all visuals like powerpoint for Sunday services, and provide an audio hearing of Sunday sermons. Media team also includes photography -- for those who are interested in capturing snapshots of our life together. Together, they work behind the scenes to make many things possible.

Kevin Hwang



For those who are interested in capturing snapshots of our life together, we have a photo team! They take pictures for special events, activities, and also make videos for mission teams. Together, they work behind the scenes to make many things possible.

Mansei Park



Praise team is a group of talented musicians that collaborate together to create appropriate and relatable worship every Sunday service. To present God our weekly corporate worship, praise team leads the congregation to leave behind their burdens and lift up their hearts to God through music and voices. There are a variety of positions within the team ranging from vocals to instruments.

David Kim


Small Group

To share life together, EM conducts small group on a weekly basis. Members are assigned to different small groups based on availability and gender, and meet all together weekly to not only share, but to uplift and encourage one another. Small groups are opportunities to become intimate and transparent with your fellow brothers and sisters so that we may all grow together spiritually. Leading a small group will require you to manage and mediate small group meetings.

Pastor Howard Kim


Sunday Service

Our Sunday service team consists of several responsibilities such as welcoming, announcements, and offering. As the ones to welcome, prepare the programs, and collect offering, the Sunday Service team works together to create a welcoming and smooth-sailing service for the entire congregation.

Karen Jang